WWE Raw Live | Fight News the best WWE website in Spanish, brings you the complete results of the red mark. Tonight we have the show that continues the route to the PPV Extreme Rules, and we will have large segments confirmed, despite the terrible crisis experienced by the Covid-19 outbreak that occurred in the company

To tune into the broadcast signal, you can use USA Network in the United States and Fox Sports in Latin America. This is the show that continues the route to the PPV Backlash 2020.

Live WWE Raw preview from June 22.

Double Contract signing for the Extrem Rules PPV. Will Seth Rollins’ reign of terror continue? Apollo Crews faces MVP in a non-title match. The Viking Raiders face Andrade and Angel Garza. Akira Tozawa defends championship 24 / 7 vs. R-Truth.Big Show and Ric Flair to appear on Raw while Randy Orton waits

Live WWE RAW Results

The show kicks off with Sasha Banks and Bayley fighting in the center of the ring as Samoa Joe tries to give the introduction to double contract signing for Extreme Rules. The referees try to push them away but they continue fighting, until they finally achieve composure.

Dolph Ziggler appears and introduces Drew Mc Intyre himself. After an exchange of words they sign the contract and McIntyre tells Ziggler that he will let him choose the stipulation.

Azuka interrupts in Japanese and signs the contract, then Sasha Banks speaks and promises to win the title so that together with Bayley he will dominate the entire company. They all go to blows and the technicians stay inside the ring.

In Backstage Garza (accompanied by Andrade and Zelina) he tries to seduce the referee, but he cannot. Big Show appears and says that he will go to the ring first than they do because he has unfinished business with Randy Orton.

A mixed fight between champions and Extreme Rules challengers is announced for tonight.

The Big Show arrives in the ring to request the presence of Randy Orton, but Garza, Andrade and Zelina are the ones who arrive at the ring and threaten to destroy it. Ric Flair arrives at the ramp and warns Show that Randy Orton is going to “murder him. The “Nature Boy” sends Garza and Andrade to hit Show but the Viking Raiders arrive for their combat.

Ángel Garza and Andrade beat The Viking Raiders in a good fight that at a certain moment generated problems among the Mexicans, when Andrade threatened to leave, since Ángel was slow to give him relief.

In backstage the Iconics mock Ruby Riott, but she challenges them so that one of the two faces her and the other collects the remains. Finally Riott does the iconic pose.

In Andrade backstage, Garza and Zelina exchange words, but Ric Flair leans out and asks to speak privately with them.

R-Truth defeats Akira Tozawa and becomes the Champion 24/7 in regular in-ring combat. At the end of the fight the Ninjas chase Truth and he runs away.

Backstage, Seth Rollins holds a Rey Mysterio mask in his hands and tells Murphy that it is time to ask for forgiveness because it is his last chance.

Handicap fight between Big Show and Andrade-Garza’s team announced

Austin Theory did not appear, or because of the accusations, or because of Covid or because he decided to be home

Seth Rollins comes to RAW and apologizes to Rey Mysterio, not for what he did, but for what he will do to him. Rey and Dominick appear on screen and threaten Rollins “an eye for an eye.” Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo appear to seek action.

Seth Rollins and Murphy beat Humberto Carrillo and Aleister Black in a great tag team match, when Humberto receives the Curb Stomp. After the fight, the brawl continues and Rollins puts Carrillo in Rey’s mask to try to hurt his eye; Black manages to save him from the impact to the eye but not from another Curb Stomp, but this time against the metal step.

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