Jeff Hardy and Sheamus have been involved in one of the main WWE stories in recent weeks. While the WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament was still ongoing, The Charismatic Enigma was poised to secure its place in the semifinals. Unfortunately for him, as well as for Elias, that never happened. WWE SmackDown opened with an apparent car accident, where Elias was found lying on the ground, injured, after being hit by a car, while Jeff Hardy was found and arrested by the police for drunk driving. Later it emerged that Sheamus had framed Jeff Hardy and The Charismatic Enigma was truly innocent.

In this week’s SmackDown episode, Jeff Hardy was supposed to receive a ‘toast’ from Sheamus following the defeat of The Charismatic Enigma on WWE Backlash. Unfortunately, that segment did not take place, and Jeff Hardy ended up facing Baron Corbin. Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported in its latest edition, that the Jeff Hardy-Sheamus segment is scheduled for next week.

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus in WWE

In the story, it was discovered that a man with red hair and a red beard was seen fleeing the crime scene where Jeff Hardy had been arrested. Returning to WWE, Jeff would begin his rivalry with Sheamus, addressing his heads-up on WWE Backlash. In one of the most entertaining but controversial segments during the rivalry, Jeff Hardy was forced to provide a urine sample to the “doctor” that Sheamus had brought in so they could have their fight, only after Hardy was determined to be sober. Hardy not only passed the test, but during the WWE segment, he proceeded to throw the entire container filled with urine in the face of The Celtic Warrior.

While Jeff Hardy would lose at WWE Backlash, the dispute is not over. The segment with Sheamus ‘toasting’ for Hardy was supposed to air this week, but it didn’t. WWE had to record this week’s SmackDown episode at the last minute after many WWE superstars tested positive for Covid-19. Hopefully now things can proceed as planned as Dave Meltzer has reported that the segment will take place next week on WWE SmackDown.

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