WWE Extreme Rules will take place on July 19. This gives the company time to build what they are planning for Bray Wyatt. What is the general plan of the company?

In a recent reasooalso it was confirmed what a cinematic fight with many shocking moments is scheduled for Extreme Rules. Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman will be a pretty wild ride.

Bray Wyatt now has 3 characters and will be handled by WWE

This upcoming cinematic encounter brought a different conversation with a source in WWE. Bray Wyatt’s address is similar to one in which WWE Hall of Fame member Mick Foley was found.

Foley’s three faces are Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack. A modern take on Wyatt’s personality with The Fiend, Firefly Fun House, and The Eater Of Worlds. A person at WWE observed that Wyatt’s new idea is “exactly like Mick Foley.”

Similarly, the Ringside News portal reports that it learned that WWE established this idea during the Firefly Fun House Match by design. Wyatt’s personalities changed just like John Cena’s, resulting in an unexpected fight. The three faces of Wyatt should also be present in the upcoming film fight.

When asked if Wyatt’s Follow The Buzzards version will be kept, it was noted “I don’t know if Wyatt retro will stay. This can go in many different ways. “

It was also noted that Vince McMahon “always wanted Wyatt not to be a psychopath, but someone with multiple personalities.” WWE created a character where you don’t know which side of Bray Wyatt’s personality any call will answer.

WWE could always bring Husky Harris back too. All they would have to do is give Wyatt a Nexus T-shirt, put on a shorter wig, and cover up some tattoos.

There was also a brief season when Wyatt became Sister Abigail. There were plans for Wyatt to fight as Sister Abigail in 2017. That TLC match against Finn Balor did not happen because Wyatt had mumps.

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