WWE NXT Live September 16 – Coverage and Results

WWE NXT Live September 16 – Coverage and Results | Planet Wrestling

Shotzi Blackheart vs Io Shirai

The fight begins and Shotzi offers his hand to Io. Both wrestlers start a struggle and then push off with the help of the ropes to perform a series of stunts. Shotzi tries to knock Io down but the count reaches 1. Roll-up from Io to Shotzi… 1… Roll-up to Io… 1… Shotzi traps Shirai in a padlock. Shirai escapes and makes Shotzi go out of the ring. Io’s Moonsault for Shotzi and the champion takes control of the combat… 1… 2… Shotzi escapes! Io Shirai sends Shotzi against the cornerback, but she takes him as a foothold to regain control of the fight and manages to dominate her rival by slamming her against the canvas.

Running Knee for Shirai, the champion tries to counterattack with several right hands but at the same time initiates a series of machetes with Shotzi. Shirai tries an enzyme kick but fails, Shirai catches Shotzi in a Crossface.

Shotzi touches the rope with his boot to indicate rope break and Io cancels the lock. Blackheart gives him an enzyme kick and places Shirai between the ropes. Shotzi gains momentum and punishes Shirai, finishes her off with a Suplex and then tries to make her perform with a padlock. Blackheart shits Shirai, but she reverses the situation and applies a Facebuster.

Io performs a 619 and climbs onto the third rope to finish off his opponent with a Dropkick… 1… 2… the fight continues! Shirai climbs to the third rope but Shotzi stops her and applies a Super Hurricanarrana… 1… 2… the fight continues! The action moves to the edge of the ring where Shirai surprises Shotzi and manages to apply a German Suplex to him. Io places Shotzi on the corner and attacks him with a Running Knee, Shirai climbs on the third rope to do a Moonsault and achieves the count of three.

RESULT: Io Shirai defeats Shotzi Blackheart in WWE NXT.

It is announced that next Wednesday we will have a real battle to determine the next contender for the women’s championship of WWE NXT.

Tommaso Ciampa defeats Desmond Trey via pinfall. Ciampa managed to get the victory after applying a DDT to his rival.

After the combat, Tommaso Ciampa is going to take a chair to attack Desmond Trey, but it appears Jake atlas to prevent it from attacking Trey and challenges him to a match for next week.

Austin Theory take the microphone to comment that it will be a future Hall of famer and challenge someone to get into the ring with him.

KUSHIDA accepts the challenge of Austin Theory and achieves the victory on this via surrender.

We see Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano onscreen. Candice He comments that next week he will resolve the pending accounts he has with Tegan nox and that she will win the women’s Battle Royal to become the next contender for the women’s championship in WWE NXT.

Breezango defeats Imperium to retain WWE NXT Tag Team Championships. The victory went to the new champions after Tyler breeze will apply a Hurracanrrana to catch Fabian Aicher in a Roll-up.

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro defeat Jessi Kamea and Xia Li via pinfall. Both winners found no difficulty in seeking victory over Kamea and Li and they achieved it after working as a team in a very ideal way.

We go backstage and see Drake Maverick and Killian Dain together. Maverick He tells his partner if he is ready for the team fight that they are going to have tonight, but Dain He clarifies that what happened last week does not mean they are teammates.

Tegan nox appears on stage to comment on her participation in next week’s fight to determine the next contender for the women’s championship of WWE NXT. Nox promises to win the Battle Royal and become the next opponent of Io Shirai.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain they defeat Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish via DQ. As the combat begins, Killian Dain did not show up to support Drake Maverick, but a few minutes later Dain appeared to clarify Maverick that they weren’t friends.

We go outside the enclosure where we see a face to face between Tommaso Ciampa and Jake atlas. Ciampa brutally attack now Atlas and Kyle O Reily come to the rescue. Ciampa clarify that you want to see next week Kyle.

William Regal announces a Gauntlet Eliminator Match to determine the next contender for the championship WWE NXT.

Damian Priest defeated Timothy Thatcher to retain the WWE NXT North American Championship via pinfall. Priest managed to make his defense successfully after applying a The Reckoning to Timothy Thatcher.


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