WWE NXT Live July 29 – Coverage and Results

WWE NXT Live July 29 – Coverage and Results | Wrestling planet

Io Shirai and Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae

Before starting the fight, Dakota Kai interrupts Io Shirai during your entry and then you arrive Tegan nox to your rescue. After a first brawl before starting the fight, Dakota Kai and Io Shirai are the ones who take the reins of the fight in a very balanced way. We see Candice intervene in combat but is quickly relieved by Dakota. We also see Tegan in action but he gets into trouble and the fight is back in the hands of Shirai and Kai. Dakota tries a clothesline but Io Shirai inverts it and applies a German Suplex. Shirai searches for a Moonsault but Dakota stops him and tries to position Shirai for a Superplex. However, Shirai resists and in the end the maneuver ends in a Double Foot Stomp by Io on Kai. Io tries the count but reaches two. Candice takes over but is attacked by Shirai and then she ends it with a Springboard Dropkick followed by a double knee. Shirai launches himself against Dakota Kai with a Suicide Dive towards the ringside area and meanwhile Tegan applies a Shining Wizard to Candice. Io returns to the ring to apply a Moonsault to Candice and achieves victory via pinfall.

RESULT: Io Shirai and Tegan Nox defeat Dakota Kai and Candice LeRae in WWE NXT.

Johnny Gargano vs Roderick Strong

We started with a great technical match between the two fighters and as the match goes on we see that both Gargano and Strong demonstrate great skills with a wide variety of movements. Gargano attempts a facebuster from the third string against Strong and then tries to get the count of three, but fails. Gargano continues to seek combat control with an Olympic Slam but ends up in a Crossface. Johnny tries to make Strong surrender, but he reverses it with a Roll-Up, the account reaches two. Strong defends himself with a dropkick and then initiates a series of slaps and then finishes him off with an Enziguiri Kick. Strong’s blow is not effective for Gargano and he sends his rival into the ringside area. Johnny punches Strong with several punches against the protector of the public and introduces him to the ring. Gargano applies a DDT and achieves the count of three.

RESULT: Johnny Gargano defeats Roderick Strong on WWE NXT.

We go backstage and see Dakota Kai who is being interviewed. Dakota She says that she will not make a team anymore and that she is the next contender for the women’s championship in WWE NXT. Rhea Ripley appears. Rhea She comments that this is not the case and that she is in that position. Dakota says you will check with William Regal.

We come back from commercials and we see Timothy Thatcher who also promises to be victorious in tonight’s fight against Finn Bálor and Dexter Lumis to get a shot at the North American championship.

Mercedes Martínez defeated Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall.

It is announced that Ridge Holland will reach WWE NXT next week.

Keith Lee arrives at WWE NXT.

Reigning WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee Take the microphone to communicate that you are going to say things quickly. On one side read comments that Dijakovic It will be fine and on the other hand it challenges Karrion Kross if he is brave enough to get into the ring and face him.

Cameron Grimes interrupts Keith Lee.

Grimes appears to ask him what he wants to Kross having him. As soon as I got to the ring, Cameron is attacked by Keith Lee and then it appears Scarlett to show a video of Karrion.

Karrion Kross asks him what kind of champion does what he just did, and gives him two options to choose from. One of them is to give him a shot at the WWE NXT and the other is to do it in a way that read would not like to know. Keith Lee accepts the challenge and asks Kross to tell the place and time for him to kick his butt.

We return from commercials and see a combat between Imperium and Ever Rise. The result of the combat is the victory for Imperium on Ever Rise via pinfall after seeing a European Uppercut Powerbomb combined against Chase parker.

After the match, Imperium takes Ever Rise out of the ring and they will take the microphone to speak but… UNDISPUTED ERA APPEARS.

Undisputed Era appears to attack Imperium and dominate the ring.

William Regal appears to communicate that it will not give the opportunity to Karrion Kross and Keith Lee to fight for the championship WWE NXT. The general manager remembers that opportunities are won.

We go with the action to the ring and we see a contest between Isaiah Scott vs Jake Atlas. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott achieved victory via pinfall after applying a JML Driver to Jake Atlas.

Damien Priest is interviewed and announces that he will face Oney Lorcan already Ridge Holland in a triple bout threatened by an opportunity to fight in the ladder match for the North American championship in NXT Takeover.

Timothy Thatcher vs Finn Bálor vs Dexter Lumis – Opportunity for being the North American championship contender.

The bell rings and combat begins. Timothy and Finn start with a struggle and Bálor quickly attacks him with a dropkick. Dexter Lumis remains in a quiet corner until the moment he decides to hit both opponents with right hands to send them out of the ring. Lumis launches with a Senton Bomb and falls clean. Despite not hitting anyone, Lumis punishes his rivals with several right hands. Thatcher manages to surprise Lumis and manages to corner him in a corner and then proceeds to apply a Belly To Belly Suplex. Timothy takes Dexter’s arm and applies a Wrist Lock.

We return from commercials and we see Thatcher dominating the fight trying to make Bálor surrender but he does not succeed. Bodyslam for Bálor by Thatcher and then prevents Dexter from entering the ring. Finn fights back with several right hands, Lumis intervenes with more punches and applies a clothesline followed by a bulldog against Timothy. Finn’s pele kick for Lumis and this is placed on the corner. Finn’s Sling Blade for Lumis but Timothy later interrupts him and attacks Finn’s leg. Dexter steps in and applies a Spinebuster to Timothy. Lumis believes she can catch Timothy in an Anaconda Vise but fails. Timothy attacks Lumis, but Dexter surprises him and applies an Anaconda Vise to him. Finn appears and applies a Coup De Grace on the padlock. From one moment to the next, Timothy catches Finn and applies an Ankle Lock to him, but at the same time Dexter catches Timothy and makes him surrender with an Anaconda Vise. Dexter Lumis achieves victory via surrender.

RESULT: Dexter Lumis defeats Finn Bálor and Timothy Thathcer in WWE NXT to get a shot at the North American title at NXT Takeover.


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