WWE said goodbye to Kairi Sane this week after RAW. This was a great time for his career, but the company is apparently not worried that it will end in AEW.

Since Kairi Sane’s departure was in sight, the company has tried to keep her on her payroll. Now she will return to Japan and will remain part of the extended WWE family.

WWE not worried about Kairi Sane leaving AEW

Fightful reports that the company is not concerned that she is going to any other company in the United States. She could go to Japan and fight, but there doesn’t seem to be any concern that she will join the ranks of Tony Khan. This is what was said:

In another update on Kairi Sane, we are told that even though rumors of her departure have been ringing for months, this was the original end date for her. As mentioned, WWE wanted to keep her on board in some way, but Kairi made it known months ago that she wanted to return to Japan to be with her husband. We were told that there were no concerns that she would fight elsewhere in America, but that there was great pressure to keep her on the payroll, to train in Japan or be an ambassador.

AEW has many talented fighters, and they also chose some from Japan. They are certainly aware of Kairi Sane’s incredible abilities. It’s probably not a good idea to hold your breath about the Pirate Princess’ journey after WWE takes her to AEW.

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