RETRIBUTION, the agent of chaos

RETRIBUTION is already known to all as the group of fighters of unknown origin that he wreaks havoc wherever he goes. It does not matter if it is RAW or SmackDown, the hooded ones appear and the storm unleashes. Yes, let’s not ask them to appear at a PPV …

WWE and talent mismanagement

RETRIBUTRION is nothing more than a new Vince McMahon gaffe. Obviously it is made up of NXT fighters of the stature of Dominik Dijakovik or Mia Yim looking to gain a foothold on the main roster. The question to ask ourselves is, did such good fighters really need such a meaningless search to get onto the main roster? What is that about a group of vandals that destroys everything they step on? Doesn’t Dijakovik have credibility to break into RAW and challenge any superstar on the roster alone?

It was by no means a good idea to form RETRIBUTION. Agitators who took weeks to make their first video – press release, that destroy to destroy, that do not appear in PPVs …

In the absence of confirmation from the majority of the stable members, Yim and Dijakovik seem the two clearest members, according to what we could observe in the video of last week. There is a lot of expectation to know who the hooded ones are, Many NXT stars could finally get a shot on RAW or SmackDown.

What will happen to RETRIBUTION when the identity of the members is revealed?

Whatever Vince’s plans are to reveal the identity of the group members, It remains to be seen in which fiefdoms they could be involved, since being a mixed stable, we can hardly see them in an Elimination tag match.

One possibility that WWE could consider is preparing a RETRIBUTION vs RAW & SmackDown at Survivor Series. This would make the event characteristic again for its elimination fights and not for being a battle of brands. Would the return of Bragging Rights be viable?

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