WWE has been unable to host a live event since the pandemic began. They hope to change that soon, but it won’t be an immediate process.

The company has a Plan B if Florida doesn’t let them do it, but that doesn’t mean they are allowed to bring live fans. The obvious goal is to increase the television audience that Vince McMahon contributed to having no fans.

WWE is trying to bring live fans to its televised shows

During the call from WWE shareholders, he stated that WWE is currently working with arenas when it comes to bringing their live show back to the road.

Sure, obviously we have to follow what’s going on, and sometimes he thinks he has the answer and then “uh oh”, the COVID-19 has a more severe impact than I had imagined. We are working with arenas. We have any number of tentative dates. Those tentative dates keep going back sometimes. But again with our form of entertainment, it is imperative that we have fans to interact. And we keep looking forward. Identifying exactly when we will be back is a completely different atmosphere than it had been in the past and we will capitalize on it.

WWE has many things to consider, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. A record number of cases and deaths have been reported across the country, making it a major cause for concern.

The company has some live dates scheduled for late summer and into fall. They plan to record Raw during those shows.

As long as the company starts touring again, you can probably expect the hockey walls to be carried with them. Those plexiglass panels will likely remain part of the WWE scenery for a long time.

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