In his debut Matt Riddle did it on Smackdown barefoot, using his characteristic courts after his time at the WWE NXT brand. But in his first fight he defeated intercontinental champion AJ Styles, so far his character has remained unchanged.

The original Bro was asked if the company would make a change, but is confident they will not. He didn’t wear boots in his first match and they already know what his style is like.

WWE would not change the character of Matt Riddle

When he spoke to Ariel Helwani, he mentioned that there is no need to fear since he presents something unique and originality that, according to him, is what the company is looking for.

“I will still fight barefoot. Before all of this, I had a meeting with Vince months before Mania, and I went to the corporate offices in a full suit and flip flops and he saw that and he saw that was my thing. I haven’t worn shoes in years. I don’t think anyone wants to change me. I think they know what they have and I bring them something unique and original. “

After his first match it will be seen if there will be changes in him, if he makes the most of Matt he could become the next face of the company. But the question is whether the company will be able to wrestle him with wrestling boots, or whether he will continue to lose his footing in the future.

Several people in the company wanted to make changes to his character in addition to putting him to wear boots, because they felt an arrogant character and too adolescent humor.

Booker T advised Riddle to do it, but Riddle did not take much importance, what the 2-time Hall of Fame told him. While the Original Bro continues his path to be at the top of the company.

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