The coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic is a big problem, especially in Florida. Both Natalya and TJ Wilson live in Florida, making it easier for them to travel to the Performance Center for them. It also means that any symptoms of coronavirus must be taken seriously.

Natalya and his wife with symptoms of Coronavirus

WWE superstars were told not to talk about their coronavirus test results. The company keeps the information airtight and secret, which is creating a lot of frustration.

In the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that TJ Wilson had a fever and so did Natalya on June 25. Both TJ and Natalya tested negative for COVID-19 twice, but the company still had Nattie off the recordings.

Producer TJ Wilson (known as Tyson Kidd when he was an active wrestler), came to the tests on June 25 with a fever. He and his wife Nattie Neidhart both tested negative for COVID on two separate occasions, but as a precautionary measure, the company asked both of them not to attend this weekend even though it was fine.

Natalya will be absent from television, but it’s fine. Apparently, this is an example of how WWE is finally being cautious about the COVID-19 pandemic.

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