It seems that Daniel Bryan’s future in the near future is to start a pre-retirement stage, because the fighter contemplates stop being a full-time fighter.

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Former WWE champion He was sincere and ensures that after the birth of your baby with Brie Bella, You have little contract time and expect to renew with some conditions.

“WWE has been great. They’re going to give me six weeks of paternity leave. So I’ll be home, but after that, it won’t be long until my contract ends. We have been talking about what to do from there, but for me, in my mind I think that my stage as full time fighter is over, and that’s it. I love being a father. I will always love wrestling and I will always want to keep fightingBut when I say that, I mean perhaps fighting once a month or once every two months, “said Daniel Bryan in an interview for the Fine Arts podcast.

Daniel Bryan remains part of the main stars from SmackDown, well you have to remember that in Royal Rumble He had his last chance for the highest title, but He couldn’t win it against Bray Wyatt.

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