WWE preparing a new PPV?

WWE would be considering bringing back an event dedicated exclusively to the confrontation between brands.

Many of the loyal fans of the McMahon company will remember with appreciation those epic real battles where SmackDown and RAW (now with NXT), they played a drink.

The last WWE Survivor Series could have been better

The truth is Survivor Series does not stop working as a confrontation event between brands. In the last edition, there was not even a confrontation between the world champions of each territory. Brock Lesnar, The Fiend, and Adam Cole were all being empowered at the time. We fans are left with the desire, but to confront them would have been to ruin the credibility of some of them.

In addition to the inconsistencies that we have seen in the last editions of Survivor Series, It should be noted that this is one of the four great WWE events.

The famous Elimination tag matches were a feature of the November PPV since its inception. Never before have they been based on a rivalry between brands, but rather on the culmination of rivalries generated in the weekly shows.

WWE’s creative team must step up

Go back to the old Survivor Series format would be a step forward in terms of bookeo. We could see very striking rivalries, long matches in which storytelling played a very important role, we could find ourselves before the birth of new stars that are consolidated in combat of elimination …

We are not talking about a utopia, but something that WWE has already put into practice before. We all remember the heroic Kofi Kingston of 2009 eliminating CM Punk and an entire world champion Randy Orton to give his team the victory. Also the long-awaited fight in 2014 between the team of John Cena and The Authority that ended with Dolph Ziggler as a hero. Turning Survivor Series into a showdown event between brands would be give up moments like The Undertaker’s debut in 1990.

More reasons to avoid a brand war in 2020

We must not forget that the global pandemic can prevent stars of RAW, SmackDown and NXT from sharing a ring in a short-term show, therefore, a traditional Survivor Series could give way to a new pay-per-view to pit brands against each other in mid-2021.

WWE has a whole range of possibilities at hand, For the sake of Wrestling, let’s hope they make the right decision.

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