CM Punk has already taken the first step to return to WWE, because the former world champion assures that yes I would return and he would love to face three rivals on his “lap”.

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“The Best in the World”As always, he spoke loud and clear about his options; however, he recognized that the McMahon company He has never approached him to rehire him.

“As for the people that I’ve worked with before, if things were clear and the money was right, I think a guy like Daniel Bryan would tell him: ‘I would listen to your idea’. If they talked about John Cena, you probably heard your idea. Mistery King, I’d listen to your idea. About the people I’ve never struggled with before, I think Will Ospreay, I’d listen to your idea. I am busy doing other things and no one has found the right combination to approach me. Not everything depends on me, ladies and gentlemen, it depends on the people who really run the company ”he confessed CM Punk in an interview with Swings & Mrs.

Now it seems that everything is in the hands of WWE to offer some contract with the correct figure, in addition to giving it a leading role in the company.

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