WWE will often change a superstar’s name when it sees fit. This time it seems like they changed a name to make sure they are the owners. That way this superstar can’t go the other way and use it.

Dabba-Kato will face Braun Strowman next week on WWE RAW. Dabba-Kato is remembered by many fans for his role in Netflix’s The Main Event, but he didn’t get much screen time on NXT. He called himself Babatunde until his debut on RAW Underground.

WWE changed Babtunde’s name so he won’t use it in AEW

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE changed the name from Babatunde to Dabba-Kato because they now own it. That way they can make sure you don’t go anywhere else and use it.

WWE owns the legal name of a superstar, but that legal gray area completely diminishes once they leave the company. A former WWE Superstar can certainly use his own name for any purpose once he is no longer under contract with Vince McMahon’s company. It is only under contract that WWE can restrict them as with third party ban.

Since Dabba-Kato’s real name is Babatunde Aiyegbusi, WWE changed his screen name to Dabba-Kato before making his big debut on RAW Underground.

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