Both WWE and AEW continued through the pandemic, but each company took very different means to ensure the safety of those on their television recordings.

WWE and AEW do various tests for COVID-19

According to the Wrestling Inc portal, all the artists that fans see on AEW and WWE programming are tested, but companies have their own ways of making sure it is achieved.

It is reported that WWE Superstars must arrive at a parking lot the day before filming. They are given a nasal swab test. They then leave and are sent a text message to inform them of their test result. If they are negative, then that Superstar has her plans for the next day’s show.

AEW sends its talent to an outside facility on the morning of television recordings. They have blood tests and the results come in minutes. They are then given a wrist strap if they don’t test positive. No one walks into Daily’s Place without a bracelet.

Taz pointed out several weeks ago on Twitter that AEW performs blood tests. This is a much more expensive and conclusive test. It also looks for COVID-19 antibodies. It was confirmed in the report that AEW is still doing finger stick blood tests for COVID while WWE conducts the nasal swab tests.

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