The city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak began to spread massively, will lift the quarantine it imposed on its inhabitants on January 23 on April 8, municipal authorities announced today.


Likewise, the rest of the cities of Hubei Travel restrictions will be lifted starting tomorrow, Wednesday, Xinhua state agency reported

The inhabitants of Wuhan They will be able to leave the city if they obtain a green health QR code, which implies that the person in question has not had contact with anyone infected or suspected of having the disease.

On January 23, the Government of Wuhan It imposed traffic restrictions as well as the suspension of public transport and all outbound flights and trains, forcing the de facto confinement of the 11 million inhabitants of the city.

Until that day, the coronavirus had killed 17 and affected 444 people in the central-eastern city China.

According to the last count made public today, 2,524 people have died so far in Wuhan, while in the total of the province of Hubei there are 3,160 deceased.

Local authorities had previously announced that they would take “progressive” measures to lift the restrictions in the city, which did not add new confirmed cases of COVID-19 for five consecutive days until March 22.

However, Wuhan It counted in the last count made public today a local case of the virus.

The city has so far recorded 50,006 confirmed cases.

On the other hand, the total number of infected diagnosed in all China since the start of the pandemic it is 81,171, among which 3,277 people have perished.

73,159 people have also been discharged after successfully overcoming the disease.

Meanwhile, those infected “active” in the Asian country are already below the 5,000 mark: the accounts of the National Health Commission total 4,735, of which 1,573 remain in serious condition (1,527 of them, in Wuhan).

To date, 691,185 close contacts with the infected have been medically monitored, of which 12,077 are still under observation, and of them, 132 would be suspected cases of having been infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

The priority of the Chinese Government is now to “protect against the importation” of infections from other countries: so far, the Asian country has confirmed 427 cases imported from abroad.

On March 12, the Chinese government declared that the peak of transmissions had come to an end in the country, although since then the statistics have been carried out by the so-called “imported” cases.