Wristcam adds long-awaited camera function to Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch stand out for being the most advanced smartwatches currently available, apple fans have been asking for years for the arrival of an extra functionality present in many other lower level wearables: a camera. And despite the fact that these devices are a mandatory complement to smartphones, their reason for being is none other than to be able to minimize the use of these out of pocket.

That is why, after a long process of four years in a crowdfunding campaign, strap Wristcam comes as one of the most notorious accessories outside the official brand.

As the name suggests, this strap comes equipped with an 8 megapixel rear camera, capable of taking Photographs in resolutions up to 4K and record videos in 1080p quality; and a second 2 megapixel camera that will allow us to take selfies or function as a personal camera for video calls.

The device has 8 GB of memory to store photos and videos. The camera connects with the watch via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and with the iPhone via Bluetooth 4.2, 5.0 and Wi-Fi. In addition, although it is capable of displaying images directly on the screen of our watch, this device has a separate battery able to withstand the use of a full day.

However, while they represent a tremendous increase in the usefulness of Apple Watch, they are still far from being a total replacement for the iPhone camera. And it is that the sample photographs taken by the Wristcam and shared by the developer company itself, although they are quite decent, do not seem to offer such exceptional detail, disappointing in the details.

Currently the Wristcam is available for reservation through the official website of the project, under a starting price of $ 299, and an estimated shipping date for next March.