The organizers of the Guanajuato Mexico Rally, the third valid of the World Rally Championship (WRC), announced that the end of the event was brought forward for tonight. This decision was prompted by travel restrictions that are rapidly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The organization received much criticism for carrying out the event, taking into account the enormous restrictions that exist worldwide for the celebration of massive events. In fact, Formula 1 was forced to cancel the Australian GP, ​​valid that started the 2020 season.

With the unanimous support of the WRC promoter and manufacturer teams, the organizers of the Rally asked the FIA ​​to bring forward the end of Sunday afternoon. The event will now end after SSS21, with a podium ceremony in the arena.

Since many countries impose travel restrictions globally, all parties agreed that every effort should be made to ensure a safe and timely trip home for team officials, competitors and staff.

Once more than 75 percent of the rally’s competitive distance has been completed, full points from the FIA ​​World Rally Championship will be awarded.

Yves Matton, Director of the FIA ​​Rally, said: “The decision to end the event tonight was made unanimously by the organizers of the Rally of Mexico, with the support of the Governor, the WRC Promoter and the FIA. We are all very Sad that the rally has to end prematurely, but due to the rapidly evolving situation and the various travel restrictions in place in different parts of the world, the priority was to ensure a safe return home for teams and staff. We would like to thank the organizers and the Mexican International Federation of Motor Sports (OMDAI) for their exceptional commitment to organize a world-class event and the local health authority for their hard efforts and all the actions taken to protect the locals. and visitors. ”

Patrick Suberville, Rally Director Guanajuato Mexico: “According to the teams, the FIA ​​Promoter and the WRC, the organizing committee has decided to bring the end of the event forward after the special stage of Rock and Rally on Saturday night. This will allow teams and the media to return to their countries in anticipation of the impending closure of their borders due to COVID-19. The event will be eligible to earn full championship points in all respective categories. ”