Experience the fight between Horde and Alliance in a new version of Azeroth.

Blizzardhas teamed up with Days of Wonder to bring to life a board game set in Azeroth that many knew about thanks to World of Warcraft as announced during the last BlizzCon 2019, and now we know its first images and details such as the price at which will go on sale thisSmall of World of Warcraft.

Small of World of Warcraft plans to premiere in summer 2020, without a specific date“In Small of World of Warcraft, players combine special powers and races from the Warcraft universe, such as pandaren portal magicians or herbalist goblins, and compete for control of Azeroth,” reads the official description of this board game. “To achieve full domination, players will occupy legendary terrains and seek to control powerful artifacts. However,” added those responsible, “all empires fall sooner or later, so players must be prepared to put too widespread a race on a state of ‘Decline’ and lead a new one to rule Azeroth. “

Blizzard MMORPG fans will have the opportunity to take command of iconic races such as goblins, orcs, dwarves, worgen and trolls among others. The Small World and Blizzard proposal is defined asa game for 2 to 5 playerswhose games can lastbetween 40 and 80 minutes. What will we find when we buy Small of World of Warcraft?The contentof the game are the following:

6 double-sided boards
16 Warcraft Race Banners
182 paired race tokens and 15 mrloc tokens
20 unique special powers badges
5 summary sheets for players
12 artifact markers and legendary locations
10 mountains
9 fatuous fire walls
4 Harmony Tokens
12 pumps
1 champion
10 strong
2 military objectives
5 beasts
6 watchtowers
110 victory coins
1 custom reinforcement die
1 shift counter
1 turn marker
1 rule book
1 rule sheet for team matches

Working with Blizzard has been an amazing experience Days of Wonder“Working with Blizzard has been an incredible experience. Not only did our visions of the game quickly align,” says Days of Wonder director Adrien Martinot, “but the creative work we’ve done together has been intense and extremely satisfying. “Blizzard allowed us to immerse ourselves in the rich universe of Warcraft, and I am looking forward to this incredible collaboration coming to light when the game launches.” We will have to wait for the summer months of 2020 to enjoy this game, which has not yet a specific release date.

Small of World of Warcraft will go on sale for59.99 euros / dollarsand among the confirmed languages ​​isspanish. In recent times we have experienced a boom in board games inspired by video games. We recently saw how Wolfenstein’s board game was a hit on Kickstarter, following in the footsteps of other similar projects like the Resident Evil 3 board game to name but a few.

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