Could the robbery of Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed Harroun be completely fake? An Instagram account makes shocking revelations and denies the testimony of the young woman.

On September 9, Sarah Fraisou announced to her subscribers on Snapchat having been robbed. While she was away for a few minutes during the evening, the former candidate of La Villa 5 had the bad surprise to see that her apartment had been visited by a criminal. Outside of her, she had launched on social networks:

My mother’s face, we’re shut up. (…) We will find you.

Already burgled in 2018, Sarah Fraisou took care to install cameras in her apartment. By accomplishing his misdeed, the thief made a point of hiding the objective, without however hiding his face. Despite his protective mask, the individual could be very easily found.

But according to some rumors, this burglary would be nothing but a complete masquerade.

Sarah Fraisou soon to live in Dubai?

Indeed, according to the Instagram account @vaarruecos, Sarah and Ahmed allegedly staged their burglary for the sole purpose of justifying an upcoming move to Dubai. The owner of the account, however, does not advance any source about this information.

So what is it really? Info or intox ?

Sarah Fraisou and Ahmed would they have orchestrated everything?

Since 2018, reality TV contestants are many have moved to the United Arab Emirates. After Jessica and Thibault Garcia, who were secretly married there, Jazz and Laurent Correia also moved to the first city of the Emirates, after a violent assault on their French home. Many of them then followed suit, like Nabilla and Thomas Vergara, Elsa Dasc or even Fiji Ruiz.

Recently, it is the Tanti who left Marseille to settle in the desert city as well. Tiago and Angelina’s parents have also received a warm welcome from little Millan’s mother. The latter will soon be joined by their brother Benjamin Samat. Indeed, on September 10, the ex of Alix Desmoineaux also announced his future move to Dubai.

If the new expatriates, who live mainly from their product placements, claim a better living environment and say they feel more secure, the Dubai tax regime, ultra liberal, is most certainly the main reason for this sudden emigration.