Illustration: Jovani Pérez

Mexico reached 289,174 accumulated confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, of which 29,627 infections are active (they presented symptoms within 14 days) and there are already 34,191 deaths, plus 177,097 people recovered.

This Friday I don’t know The advance of the epidemiological alert traffic light that was to take effect the following week was presented, due to inconsistencies in the national data, and it also showed concern about the outbreak in several states of the republic.

Among the states that have shown an upturn in cases are Yucatan and Quintana Roo, The official emphasized that even before the gradual reopening began, these entities were on the right track, with a decrease or no advance in cases, however, when passing to the new normality the data had a drastic change.

The official indicated that Quintana Roo had already gone through the stabilization, descent and reopening phases; However, it now reported a 29 percent increase in cases.

Illustration: Jovani Pérez

« It stabilized, began to descend, began to open, and opening is probably too fast« , Indicated. Although the good news is that patient recovery has grown 47% and mortality presents a reduction of 21 percent.

Currently the state has con 1,369 estimated active cases. While the most affected municipalities are Benito Juárez / Puerto Morelos, Othón P. Blanco, Solidaridad and Cozumel.

Something similar happens in Yucatan, although although it never reached a sustained decline, if it had entered a stabilization phase, and is now suffering from a 15 percent increase in cases.

This regrowth is mainly due to how the municipality of Merida has acted in the face of its own epidemic and, to a lesser extent, the role of Valladolid and Umán. The entity records an estimated 1,510 active cases.

(Health Secretary)

In addition, the four entities with the highest record of accumulated cases are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Tabasco and Puebla. On the contrary, Colima, Zacatecas, Baja California Sur and Nayarit are the four with the lowest number of infections.

In the number of active cases, the capital leads the list with 4,666, followed by the State of Mexico with 2,780 and Guanajuato with 2,302 cases. To this day, the number of suspected cases nationwide stands at 81,838 (850 more than yesterday).

To this day, 34,191 positive deaths of COVID-19 were recorded, however there are 2,302 suspicious deaths. In Mexico City, the death of 7,579 people has been confirmed by coronavirus and in the Mexican state there have been 5,109.

On average there is a 45% hospital occupancy (13,451), so there are still 16,422 beds available from a total of 29,873 beds in Mexico. Of the 9,764 beds with fan, 6,055 are available, mainly in Chihuahua, Michoacán and Hidalgo and 3,709 (38%) are occupied, mainly in Tabasco, Baja California and Sonora.

Illustration: Jovani Pérez

In the national scenario, to this day there were 49,115 estimated cases, with a drop of 4% and a recovery of patients of 7 percent.

López-Gatell explained that the information they received from the 32 states was not uniform, reason why they made the decision to delay it this week, in order to present to the citizens a traffic light based on Reliable data and not deliver it on time but with « gray holes ».

The undersecretary clarified that said inconsistencies they are not in all the states of the RepublicHowever, they have seen the need to suspend the renewal of the traffic light this Friday.

« They are not the 32 states, I make it clear, but we cannot present the national traffic light when it will be with several gray holes everywhere because there is no consistent information for the evaluation, « he said.

“It is an individual responsibility because nobody can be forced to keep a healthy distance and take essential care. It is the local, state and government responsibility also to ensure the conditions for an orderly reopening or not. No desire to blame and this has nothing to do with politics, this is a technical evaluation. Worrying signs of spikes, not only in these states, there are others that we will be presenting, where when the expected epidemic curve is, we already knew that we were going to have it. You don’t have to complain, but you do have to act« Said the undersecretary.

He noted that not everything depends on the authorities, therefore, urged citizens not to leave home unless it is necessary, as well as following the sanitary norms of social distancing and using face masks in public spaces, continually washing hands and making a sneeze of etiquette (using the forearm).

« It is not about blaming anyone, the achievements are recognized here but they are also alerted to the dangers, » said the undersecretary.

López-Gatell said that it is important for citizens to be aware that the new normal is not the old normal, so you must be careful when leaving home to avoid getting sick, or infect others, since the authorities cannot make the case numbers drop without the collaboration of Mexican women.


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