Worrisome difference in level between Lamar Odom and singer Aaron Carter ahead of their boxing match

Aaron carter is taking his exhibition match against Lamar Odom, the ex of Los angeles lakers. So much so that the former member of the Backstreet boys has published a video on the Internet in which he can be seen training intensely to get into the ring.

After the first video of Aaron Carter hitting a sack was not too hopeful about his chances against Lamar Odom, the singer has made it clear with new images that he will not be a simple rival for the former basketball player, whom he will face in a charity evening that will take place in Atlantic City during the next month of June.

Still, Carter fans have reason to be concerned, as Lamar Odom himself also posted a video of his workouts and there is no color between the punches of one and the other, in terms of technique and power.