Worried about storage space on PS5? On PlayStation they see no problems

“We haven’t heard” complaints, says Jim Ryan, the brand’s leader.

Playstation 5

The new generation is here. Xbox Series hit stores on the 10th, while PlayStation 5 did so on the 12th in some countries. And a very commented subject has been the lack of space on consoles. With games like NBA 2K21 easily exceeding 100GB in the new generation, and let’s not talk about the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, it’s easy to fill a hard drive half full. with just two titles like these, either on Series S or on consoles like the PlayStation 5 itself.

With 825GB of SSD, the PS5’s storage stays at about 664 GB usable by the user by subtracting the reserved space of the system, which raises concern among some players. And with the sheer size of new games, The Telegraph has asked a very specific question of Jim Ryan, PlayStation boss: Does PS5 storage mean a problem for consumers? A question, to which the executive responds the following:

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Everything we saw on PS4 indicates we should be doing well Jim RyanWe haven’t heard that [quejas]. We obviously watch what happens when people install their PlayStation and start using them. We think we will do well. Of course, we are able to monitor usage hard drive to microscopic levels on the PS4, and everything we saw there tells us that we should do wellRyan comments, noting that he does not foresee space problems for players, based on data collected in the past generation.

These statements are part of a longer interview, where Ryan touches on other issues such as the increase in the price of PS5 games, the development of intergenerational titles for PS4 and PS5, or also, the possibility that the new God of War will also come out on PS4. We remind you that the new console will be available tomorrow in Spain, November 19, and if you want to get mentally ready for when you have it in your hands, take a look at our analysis of PlayStation 5, also available on video.

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