World of Warcraft will run natively on Apple Silicon

Although games have been one of the latest targets for Apple to pursue, it seemed that their strategy was based solely on their Apple Arcade service for mobile devices and mirror casting. Which is why the “innocent” announcement of the latest update to Blizzard’s flagship game has been so shocking. And it is that the company has just revealed that World of Warcraft will run natively on Apple Silicon from the first day of availability of these chips.

In fact, this first approach to Blizzard could even mean future native compatibility and support for other existing and future titles from the company, with two major franchises like Overwatch or Diablo; as well as games from other companies. And it is not only good news for the players of this MMORPG, but it could also be a first starting point for other publishers, as a statement about the apparent ease of bringing games to new computers with Apple chips M1.

Performance Apple M1

Apple Silicon and the limitations of Apple M1

A lot of improvements over previous Intel processors are touted, including a better power-to-battery ratio, but most M1 chip performance improvements are not focused on gaming.

The first performance data of the Apple M1 are very high, with 1,680 performance points with a single core and 7,433 points using the multiple processes. However, although on paper these data even improve to the base version of the MacPro, it should be taken with caution.

And it is that they correspond to the performance of the Apple M1 on the MacBook Air, operating at a 3.2 GHz frequency and with 8 Gbytes of RAM, one of the first personal computers that Apple will commercialize with this ARM SoC, but we will still have to wait for tests with real workloads to see how far Apple’s architecture can really go. Something that we could also transfer to the gaming field, since currently it is still impossible to know how this chip will perform with games.