World of Warcraft: Watch the Incredible Shadowlands Startup Cinematic

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Shadowlands, the next expansion for World of Warcraft, will debut next week. For Blizzard this is cause for celebration and for this reason it freed its community by releasing its exciting opening movie scene.

This is a video that serves as a presentation of the places we will visit in the Shadowlands. As you will see, it will be an expansion that will take us to the different kingdoms of the Land of Shadows, which are home to pacts for different purposes.

“All souls have their place within the Shadowlands: from the path of ascension between the towers of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose the course of your destination ”, says the official description of the video.

You can see it below:

The Scourge returned to World of Warcraft

Now, it is important that you know that Blizzard is already preparing the arrival of Shadowlands to World of Warcraft. This is why its pre-patch is now available, as well as the new La Plaga event.

This is an event that started last week and will end once Shadowlands debuts. In it you will be able to face The Plague once more and obtain various rewards.

You can learn more about La Plaga in the following video:

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will arrive on November 23. We remind you that this MMO experience can be enjoyed on PC and Mac. You can learn more about the eighth expansion for the MMO by clicking here.