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In a meeting this Wednesday, the 55 federations reached agreements for the good of their leagues.

The Uefa Champions League quarterfinal draw was held in Nyon, Switzerland, home of Uefa,



Julián Bermúdez

April 1, 2020, 09:57 a.m.

This Wednesday the leaders and general secretaries of the 55 federations that make up Uefa met to make decisions about the future of the competitions of that entity. The intention of this meeting was to reach an agreement among all to define a single idea for the different tournaments in each country.

In an official statement from that entity they announced that all national team matches are postponed until further notice, regardless of whether they are friendly or of any competition. In addition, competitions may not be played with youth teams.

It was also decided that the dates of the Champions, Europa League and other Uefa club competitions 2020-2021 are postponed until further noticeSo it is not yet known when those tournaments will start in the second half of the year.

With these decisions, what Uefa is looking for is for each of the local leagues to end when they must and although they did not disclose it in the official statement, the different European media have indicated that, probably, seeing the public health situation in all countries, the players will have to play in the European summer, anticipating that all competitions will resume before July.

On Champions League and Europa League this season (2019-2020) there are no specific decisions either. What is clear is that Uefa wants to finish those tournaments, whether it is after the different local leagues are finished or they have played some of their final dates, which would indicate that the rest of the round of 16 matches and other phases are played in August or September of this 2020.



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