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The success of Pokémon GO is a milestone in the history of the mobile gaming sector and for Niantic. Having added this achievement, the company is ready to try its luck with its new proposal, which will take us back to experiment with the real world thanks to augmented reality with Catan: World Explorers.

Niantic, the company responsible for Pokémon GO, presented Catan: World Explorers, its new mobile game that is in development and that although it does not have an official release date, it ensures that it will arrive « very soon ». According to the information poured on the official site, Catan: World Explorers will turn the world into a great game board in which players will have to select a faction and collect resources to use, exchange or negotiate them to develop their virtual spaces.

Through real-world exploration, augmented reality will do its thing to collect wood, brick, wool, grain, and minerals, materials that will help you turn a small settlement into a great metropolis.

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