‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ has not yet started airing and its days are already numbered. The second spin-off of the AMC franchise, which will focus on a group of teenagers embarking on a post-apocalyptic adventure, has been announced as an event limited to two seasons. Therefore, it is clear that the plans for the series are more than defined, being especially relevant the role it will play as a hinge between the parent series and the films starring Rick Grimes.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes in ‘The Walking Dead’

The last time we saw the character played by Andrew Lincoln on ‘The Walking Dead’ was in the ninth season, when, after being left to his own devices, he was rescued by an enigmatic helicopter. In an interview with ComicBook, the showrunner of ‘World Beyond’, Matt Negrete, has made reference to the connection that will be established between the new fiction and the rest of the universe: « We are building on the base created by the other series. We present a new world related to this mythology, involving people linked to this symbol that has three rings. As you know, we saw Rick leave ‘The Walking Dead’ in a helicopter with that symbol. « 

In the previews of the spin-off we already had the opportunity to perceive the presence of that symbol, which has also been seen in ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, but apparently the connection will go beyond a simple coincidence: « We are going to see much more of that helicopter. So [el spin-off] It is linked to a greater world that we have seen in all series, but at the same time, it is something refreshing and different and with its own entity. « 

Two different chapters

Regarding the state of development of the series, whose premiere in April was frustrated by the coronavirus crisis, Negrete has confirmed that he is already immersed in the writing of the second and last installment: « Right now we are working on the second season. In my head it’s like, okay, I have three episodes left to get to the end, but at the same time, I don’t want to accept it. I’m still writing to get to that point, so it’s exciting. It seems that the first season and the second are two very different chapters of an incredible story. « This new bet will arrive in Spain on October 5th through AMC.