Workers of the National Theater Company protest


Workers hired by Chapter 3000 of the National Theater Coordination (CNT), of INBAL directed by Lucina Jiménez, reported that since yesterday they suspended face-to-face and virtual work, “as a result of late payments that have occurred since the beginning of 2021,” they informed through social networks.

This action, a consequence of the delay in payments that has occurred since the beginning of 2021, is carried out with the express request to resume the dialogues that allow reviewing the ways to generate certainty in the timely payment of the coming months, as well as possible contracting models that include legal benefits ”, they expressed through a brief statement.

They explained that the talks with the INBAL authorities began in 2018, “but they have been suspended on various occasions.”

The workers expressed that the collective protest “is intended to show the artistic companies and the general public that the work carried out by the personnel hired through Chapter 3000 is completely substantial, and our work involves areas of operation and service, such as programming, diffusion and services to the public, among others ”.

And they added: “We convey our deep pain and disappointment at the need to implement these actions, given the constant omissions of our labor rights by the responsible authorities.”

Hours later, the CNT authorities issued a comment on social networks stating that the payments have been covered and that the dialogue continues. “We reaffirm our commitment to the collaborators who make theater happen.”

The workers also responded by digital means and assured that, “from the dialogue that is said to be open, a meeting was proposed to discuss the issue of payments and other issues with the Chapter 3000 staff, but it was identified that there was disparate information and that there was no there was a generalized confirmation in all areas and for all personnel ”.

For this reason, they requested via email on June 21 a confirmation on the date and time of the meeting, without having received information about it.

It is also important to point out that we seek not only to establish a dialogue with the National Theater Coordinator (Daniel Miranda), but to resume the work tables that have been carried out with the general administration sub-directorate ”to improve their working conditions, and receive our payments on time, which were covered until yesterday.


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