A construction worker SoFi Stadium, the future home of the Rams Y Chargers of the NFL tested positive for COVID-19.

The Herrick Corporation, one of the companies involved in the construction of the compound, communicated to those who may have been in contact with the infected subject, Sports Illustrated reported.

The new protocols mandated that workers keep at least two meters apart during rest periods, prohibited group meetings, demanded thorough cleaning at workplaces, and the installation of additional toilets and hand-washing stations.

. @ SoFiStadium’s translucent roof taking shape

– Los Angeles Rams (@RamsNFL) March 3, 2020

“If these guidelines cannot be met and a project is in confined spaces, consideration should be given to closing the construction project until there are safer conditions,” the released statement specified, the US magazine reported.

Since the stay-at-home order went into effect, businesses in California that don’t consider themselves essential have suspended operations. Los Angeles also implemented restrictions on parks, hiking trails, and other spaces, through April 19, although the state, California, may issue an extension.

The project of the SoFi Stadium it was kept open by a permit to continue construction, since it represents an investment of close to 5 billion dollars

According to the SI report, “The California government may, at its discretion, stop construction of the stadium as long as the order remains in effect. Similarly, the stadium project may choose to close until it can guarantee the safety of its workers. It remains to be seen whether either of them chooses to do so in light of the positive Covid-19 test. ”

The venue is scheduled to open on July 26, with a concert by Taylor Swift, and would be ready for the preseason in August.