Woody Allen Responds to HBO Documentary Series: “They Have No Interest in the Truth, It’s Full of Falsehoods”

A spokesperson for Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn distributed to the press on Sunday the 21st a statement in response to the HBO documentary series Allen V. Farrow, which has reopened the case for alleged sexual abuse of the filmmaker over their adopted daughter Dylan. The four-part series reviews from the point of view of the family of the actress and Allen’s ex-partner, Mia Farrow, the accusations and subsequent exonerations of the director, and exposes the story of their daughter in the first person, but without offer a reply from the accused. « These documentary makers [los directores Amy Ziering y Kirby Dick] has no interest in the truth. Instead, they have spent years surreptitiously collaborating with the Farrows and their facilitators have produced critical work riddled with falsehoods, ”the statement begins.

The series premiered last Sunday. According to the spokesperson, Allen and Soon-Yi were consulted less than two months ago to see if they wanted to respond to the allegations. “They were given a few days to do it. Of course, they declined to do so, ”he explains. “As has been known for decades, these allegations are downright false. Multiple agencies investigated them at the time and found that, whatever Dylan Farrow may have been led to believe, no abuse took place. It’s sad and unsurprising that the network broadcasting this is HBO, which has a contract with Ronan Farrow [hijo de Allen y Farrow y uno de los periodistas que destapó las acusaciones de abusos contra Harvey Weinstein]. Although this piece of trash can attract attention, it does not alter the facts ”, the text ends. Ronan Farrow speaks in the documentary as the son of Allen and Farrow, but he is not a producer, nor is this documentary one of the productions for which he has signed with HBO.

Allen and Farrow were a couple for 12 years (they shot as many movies together in that time). Although they did not live together nor were they married, they adopted two children, Dylan and Moses, both were already adopted children of Farrow, and had another biological one (Ronan). Moses recently published a lengthy letter accusing his mother of a tough deal. In 1992 Farrow discovered that Allen was in a relationship with his adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn and that same year the actress accused her partner of having abused 7-year-old Dylan. A war started, with several investigations involved and two exonerations of Allen in both judicial investigations. The filmmaker has always defended himself by saying that Dylan was trained by his mother to make those allegations after learning about his relationship with Previn (to whom he has been married since 1997).

The documentary uses excerpts from the audio version of Woody Allen’s autobiography, About Nothing. The US publisher, Skyhorse Publishing, warned on Monday that HBO has used those pieces, read by Allen himself, without permission. “The first episode of Allen V. Farrow uses without permission more than three minutes of our audiobook edition of About Nothing. We understand that the rest of the episodes [no emitidos todavía] similarly unauthorized use of the audiobook. This obvious appropriation of Mr. Allen’s intellectual property is an unquestionable copyright infringement, ”reads a statement from the publisher.