Woody Allen defends himself in his first TV interview in 30 years

‘Allen vs Farrow’: Why Mia Farrow agreed to participate in the documentary ‘Allen vs Farros’: This is the HBO documentary series

Woody Allen had not interviewed on television for 30 years. His words, therefore, would already be exclusive enough to interest any television program but, as Allen V. Farrow has shown, the morbid that he defends is not enough without the morbid that he accuses. The words of Michael Jackson did not interest Leaving Neverland nor Allen’s words compared to those of the Farrows in the documentary. Nor, it seems, was Woody Allen’s interview sufficient to justify its broadcast.

In a move that the filmmaker’s spokesman has already described as “dishonest,” the interview recorded in July aired this Sunday, without the filmmaker’s knowledge, alongside an interview with Dylan Farrow of CBS this morning. Added to the set is a segment by Erin Moriarty (no, not the one who plays Starlight in The Boys) on how the art of artists accused of reprehensible acts should be evaluated. Paramount + (premium place for the broadcast of the special) has thus achieved the confrontational diptych so many times sought, only that making a copy and paste as shameless as it is blameworthy on a subject as delicate as it is morbid has proven to be for the American press.

“I just wanted to clarify my statement about the deadline I was referring to. When the CBS morning show was taped, we were told it was about his career and his book. At that time, nothing was said about making a program with cuts about the absurd controversy. It was on that basis that we agreed to do the show. We recently found out that Dylan was being brought in when he became paramount. “

Of course, perhaps the reason is that Woody Allen does not change his position one iota in the interview. He returns, as he has always done, to insist on his total innocence and that he never did anything that could even be misinterpreted as wrong with Dylan Farrow, much less in the attic of the house of the woman with whom he was in full and bitter divorce process. The television show, however, was already served again.

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