Woody Allen criticizes the HBO documentary series, ‘Allen v. Farrow ‘

Photo: Woody Allen criticizes the HBO documentary series, ‘Allen v. Farrow ‘/ .

Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn have criticized the first episode of the new documentary series of HBO, ‘Allen vs. Farrow. ‘

The couple has issued a statement condemning the company and the filmmakers, Amy ziering Y Kirby Dick for the new Serie documentary film showing the history of allegations about Allen through the years after abusing his adopted daughter, Dylan farrow in 1992 when he was just 7 years old.

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In the new series documentary film, Ziering Y Dick conducted a series of interviews with Mia farrow and their children, including Dylan farrow Y Ronan Farrow.

Through your statement, Allen and his wife commented, “These documentary makers had no interest in life… instead they spent years clandestinely collaborating with Farrow and its facilitators to create a web of lies. Woody Y Soon-Yi they were wanted less than two months ago with only one day to respond … of course they refused to do so ”.

The statement continued, “As it has been known for decades, these accusations are categorically false… many agencies investigated them at the time and found that despite what they thought Dylan farrow, no abuse took place at all ”.

“Sadly it is not surprising that the network that transmits this is HBO, who have a production in development and a business relationship with Ronan farrow. As long as this shoddy piece may gain some attention, it doesn’t change the facts. « 

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The communiqué of Allen Y Previn It comes just days before the start of the four-episode series. The first of them was released last weekend serving as a kind of prelude to the abuse allegations, the how Allen Y Mia farrow They met and began a decade-long relationship.

‘Allen v. Farrow ‘ will be broadcast every Sunday through HBO.