“data-reactid =” 26 “>” It is silly. The actors do not know the facts and have jumped on the bandwagon adopting the safest and most convenient posture in public. Who in this world is not opposed to sexual violence against children? But that’s the way actors and actresses are, and turning against me suddenly became fashionable, just like eating kale, “said the filmmaker in a new interview with The Guardian.

“data-reactid =” 27 “>” You can teach him the testimony of the people who worked in our home, and all the facts, over and over again, but it won’t make any difference. For some strange reason, emotionally, it is very important for them to believe that story. “

“What really annoys me is that I was prevented from watching them grow, and I am furious at what they have done to Dylan and Ronan. I have not spoken to them in over 25 years and they have been brought up to think the worst of me. “Before, I was furious about all of this, of course, but at a professional level I haven’t suffered the least,” he concludes.