Everything that happens in the world of tennis deserves to be analyzed and interpreted by those who have known the circuit in the first person and have become impeccable communicators. One of them is Todd woodbridge, a legend of doubles who has managed to reconvert himself and be currently one of the most authoritative voices on the entire planet of tennis. The Australian offered interesting reflections on how to influence the competitive stoppage of the coronavirus in Big3. And it is that the great question to be solved is how the best will return and if these months with the circuit interrupted could precipitate the generational change, they impact in the opposite way among some of the best or will serve to Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal perpetuate themselves at the top. This is what the Australian thinks in words collected by YahooSports Australia.

“I think Novak Djokovic It is the one that will be least affected by this, not only that, but I consider that it may be a good opportunity for him to come out reinforced. I see the Serb rejuvenated again, ready to give his legendary story a boost and benefit from being the youngest in Big3, “said a Woodbridge who saw Rafael Nadal with options to call into question the Serbian reign, but that since the tour on clay has been suspended almost entirely, it is very hurt. “Rafa was in a position to go on his way and gain a lot of confidence on clay. He had played well in Acapulco and I think he was in a good position to fight for great things. This will affect him negatively,” he said.

But the most affected, in the opinion of Todd woodbridgethere is no doubt that it will be Roger Federer. “At those ages you need a competitive rhythm, it is much more difficult to get back in top shape after a long period of inactivity. It will take time and you will not enjoy it. I think what is happening takes Roger far from his dream of adding a new Grand Slam title. I saw him with the potential to win one or even two, but this break is going to make that almost impossible, “said the Australian, who also sees the youngsters as likely to emerge stronger. “I believe that this may accelerate the generational relay, this break interrupts the winning trend of Big3 and young people should take advantage of it to return with intensity,” he said.