Wonder Woman 1984 will come to HBO Max before a certain failure in cinema

What a few weeks ago was handled as a rumor, today it was confirmed that the second installment of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984, will hit the HBO Max streaming platform the same day it opens in theaters.

In this way, it is expected that on December 25 the long-awaited prequel to this franchise will not only reach the big screens.

This move, which was announced this Wednesday by Warner Bros., is surprising if we consider that the aforementioned production house reiterated on several occasions that it would not seek a simultaneous premiere. However, it is clear that the general situation facing cinema in the world has forced it to follow in the footsteps of other studios that have sought alternative strategies so as not to depend entirely on cinema chains that are still especially empty.

Guaranteeing income has led the studios to make various decisions that have not been to everyone’s liking but that seek to save their business.

Universal premiered “Trolls 2: World Tour” in pay-per-view, the same action that Disney + took with “Mulán” and used to catapult its platform, 20th Century Fox sold films to other platforms and Warner Bros. took a risk by releasing “Tenet” on rooms. The results have varied, some have been more profitable than others, but none so forceful as to turn it into a formula.

With these context examples, Warner’s move makes perfect sense. And it is that the failure in cinemas seems to be guaranteed.

From Variety, for example, they point out that 50 percent of theaters in the United States remain closed.

This works as a great reference if we consider the weight that the American Union has in the entertainment market.

With this in mind, and according to sources close to the company, Warner did not want to risk obtaining a box office of just $ 200 million, a figure well below expectations. New subscriptions to HBO Max could make up for unearned movie earnings.

The truth is that although this strategy seems to save Warner, the studio still has a gap to fill: its streaming service is not yet available worldwide.

Although only time will tell if the strategy was correct, the truth is that social networks have reacted to the ad with all kinds of comments and positions that are worth reviewing: