While the impending releases of films like Tenet or The New Mutants are already being celebrated, there are other projects that could experience another delay. Specifically, it would be talking about Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune, which Warner Bros. would be considering not releasing due to concerns regarding the handling of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.

During an investor conference, when asked about the status of the upcoming release schedule, John Stephens, CFO of AT&T – a company of which WarnerMedia is a subsidiary – mentioned that additional delays could occur « on some titles » and, Furthermore, it said the following (via ScreenRant):

« I’m not sure where they will go [esas películas]”.

Although he did not specifically clarify which projects he was referring to, everything indicates that they are the productions of Patty Jenkins and Denis Villeneuve, respectively. This taking into account that both films are the only ones left to be released in the studio’s 2020 calendar.

It is important to also address your enigmatic comment. By saying that he did not know « where » several of the planned releases will go, he may be giving indications that streaming is being considered for the two tapes, although many think that, with his comments, he was not referring to the home broadcast format as such, but rather to a new date or geographic area.

Whatever decision is made, there are those who bet on the experience at home anyway and they do not rule out a scenario like that of Mulán, which will come directly to Disney + with a premium rate. After all, there is HBO Max that will most likely receive overwhelming results when Zack Snyder’s Justice League lands on its platform. For this reason, it could be the case that Wonder Woman 1984 and Dune are made public by that means.

While more details are offered on these premieres, you can check out the trailer for the second part of Diana Prince’s adventures or, failing that, Zendaya’s recent comments about her participation in the adaptation to the sci-fi story of Frank Herbert.

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