Women’s Soccer: Joy, excitement, pride … Virginia Torrecilla returns to training on a soccer field!

The news of the day in the world of women’s football is without a doubt the presence of Virginia Torrecilla on a soccer field.

The Atlético de Madrid footballer, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last season, returned to step on the grass of the Atletico Madrid sports city to exercise alone and be able to join together with the rest of her teammates as soon as possible.

His recovery last season was already the best of the news and the best of the triumphs of the Atlético de Madrid women’s section, a campaign in which they achieved the title of the Spanish Super Cup and where Virginia Torrecilla lifted the trophy together with Amanda Sampedro.

Virginia Torrecilla trained alone on the green two days after her teammates began the preseason to officially prepare for the campaign on September 5.

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