Women’s Eurobasket 2021 – Mondelo: “The referees don’t respect us”

06/26/2021 at 7:25 PM CEST


Spanish coach Lucas Mondelo complained about the lack of arbitration respect who, in his opinion, has had his team in the Eurobasket, after the defeat against Russia that leaves them out of the top six and therefore the next World Cup.

“The referees don’t respect us. I tell you why. The flagship players of other teams are free of fouls and our youngest players have been charged with fouls. Now we are missing names compared to other teams & rdquor ;, he pointed out at the press conference.

“(Raisa) Musina and (Maria) Vadeeva who are the most important players in Russia, they have both played 37 minutes, they have put hands and they have done what they wanted and one has finished with a foul and the other with zero. I’ve been in basketball for 30 years and had never seen this & rdquor ;, added Mondelo, who said that if that situation had occurred because both had not defended they would have scored “200 points & rdquor ;.

Spain, with what he has done in the last twenty years, deserves more respect. It makes me sad. It is very difficult to play against a team whose most important players have no fouls and We had to have Astou Ndour sitting for many minutes with three fouls& rdquor ;, he pointed.

In any case, the Spanish coach said that the game went away “in the last minute of the second quarter and in the first of the third& rdquor; by own mistakes. “But if they respect you, mistakes do less harm & rdquor;” he stressed.

That said, it shows that they don’t respect us, we have been able to win every game. We have made mistakes and we have lacked a bit of experience but we will continue working in attack and defense to grow for the Olympic Games & rdquor ;, he assured.

The technician said that they controlled “very well& rdquor; the first two quarters but that in the last minute of the second the “lack of experience & rdquor; Some of his players allowed Russia to get closer and then his rival punished them for each new mistake. “They penalized us with four triples and two easy trays& rdquor;, he lamented.

I am very proud of my team. We have been able to win all the games, with all the problems we have had and with the young players who are still training while playing and that makes me tremendously optimistic for the future & rdquor;, said Mondelo, who appreciated the work of the veterans in training of the young women.

Despite losing a benchmark like Alba (Torrens) the equipment is not wrinkled, we have taken a step forward and we have been ready. I hope we take another step in the GamesLet’s do it a little bit better & rdquor ;, said Mondelo, who recalled that they had a free kick to go to the semifinals.

“In 10 days when we meet again the team will take a step forward. We are going to do it well for sure, what I do not know is how far we will go. Then we will have to prepare for the windows and for the European 2023 to put things in their place & rdquor ;, he advised.

For his part, the Russian technician, Alexander Kovalev, It showed itself very satisfied with the triumph and for having managed to finish the Eurobasket among the top six finishers.

“Everybody saw that we were able to beat Belgium and fight for the medals, Nobody believed it in the first phase but we have proven it & rdquor ;, he pointed out after beating Spain.

“I want to congratulate my team, the coaching staff, the federation and all of Russia. It was a tough match, we managed to adjust at the end and it is a great victory to beat the European champions & rdquor ;, he stressed.

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