Women disguise themselves as elderly women to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Two women who disguised themselves to appear older in order to be vaccinated against the new coronavirus were rejected and received warnings for unauthorized entry into Orlando, authorities reported.

Dr. Raul Pino, a state health official in Orange County – where Orlando is located – said the women dressed up in hats, gloves and glasses.

Michelle Guido, a police spokeswoman, told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper that women altered their year of birth when registering for their vaccine in order to evade the state system, which gives priority to people 65 and older. plus.

They had apparently already received the first dose, but where is unknown.

“Their names matched those on their registry, but not their dates of birth,” Guido told the newspaper.

Health Department officials asked officers to issue warnings for unauthorized entry.

In a video provided by the Orange County Police, an officer is heard saying, “You have stolen a vaccine from someone who needs it more than you.”

Guido said that due to the warning, they can no longer return to the convention center for any reason, including getting vaccinated, getting tested for COVID-19, and attending a convention or show. If they return, they could be arrested.

The Department of Health investigation will try to determine where they were previously vaccinated and how they managed to make an appointment, said Pino, adding that the department “will try to elucidate if there are gaps, any loopholes, in the process that is allowing people to do that”.