“Women can be as stupid as men”

When discussing the shattering media release of Amandine Henry, the former Blues coach Raymond Domenech has slipped somewhat.

“It’s not nice to say but when the selection approaches, and you see your name on the list, there are two feelings that are mixed up, there is joy and there is fear”. At the microphone of the Canal Football Club, on Canal +, Amandine Henry delivered, without concession, her truths on the heavy atmosphere that reigns within the French women’s team, clearly pointing the finger at the management of coach Corinne Deacon.

“We believed that the woman was the future of the man”

Present Monday in the program “L’Equipe d’Estelle”, broadcast on the channel L’Équipe, Raymond Domenech was invited to react to the statements of the player of Olympique Lyonnais. And the least we can say is that this media outlet was not to the taste of the former coach of the Blues. “We believed that the woman was the future of the man. But in football we finally realize that they can be as stupid as men, ”he said without filter.

“They react like guys, even worse!”

Before broadening his theory to the political field: “In politics it’s the same, and we thought we were protected in football but we realize that they react like guys, even worse! “, he added. Comments deemed sexist and misogynist by many Internet users, and which obviously did not please the presenter Estelle Denis, who summoned her companion to leave the table.

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