Women break into the Olympics


MCountess Helene de Pourtales was long believed to be the first Olympic champion in history. It was a regatta competition and she participated with her husband Hermann on May 22, 1900. However, there were witnesses who during the test saw her on a balcony sitting and protected by an umbrella from the sallow sun because she was the only owner of the boat .

It was actually Charlotte Cooper on July 26, the one who would get a medal for the first time in the women’s field. Born in Middlesex, England, she had been deaf for four years and developed a great sense of perception. She was an exceptional tennis player, a member of her local club, never stopped playing sports, and married a lawyer.

The second Games attracted 997 athletes of which 22 were women. If you, the reader, are wondering about the dates between the regatta competition and the tennis medal, you are not wrong, these sporting events in Paris lasted 5 months and 14 days.

Some leaders of the French Republic believed that the defeat in the Franco-Prussian war was due to the poor physical condition of the young soldiers, so they fought for the realization of the games in Paris but coinciding with the Universal Exhibition with cultural and musical attractions and theatrical like the projections of the Lumiere brothers, the Palace of electricity and pavilions next to the Seine River, so the Games were not officially called Olympic, but were part of the universal fair.

The poster was a fencer despite the fact that no women participated in this competition. Four years ago, in Athens, the women were mere spectators with ostentatious and uncomfortable dresses because it was thought shameful that they competed.

Interestingly, the founder of the games disagreed with their participation as did the poet Sully Prudhomme who wrote, “I abhor everything that substitutes strength for grace and everything that women borrow from men and their qualities. virile ”.

They did not care, the women began to modify the methods. Margaret Abott won the golf tournament in addition to the satire by saying that she triumphed because the rest of the competitors attended the event in high heels and tight skirts and she instead, wearing a loose dress, understood that the Games held in Paris would serve to change the world.

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