Woman wins $ 26 million in lottery but cannot claim it because she threw the ticket in the washing machine

The prize money that could not be collected will go to California public schools.

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There are stories that one would like to change the ending to, such as that of a woman who bought her lottery ticket and had the fortune of win $ 26 million dollars, but the misfortune of forgetting it in his dirty clothes and throwing it in the washing machine.

According to the version of Frank, manager of the gas station in California where the woman bought her ticket, nothing could be done to deliver the award.

The game ticket, called SuperLotto Plus, was purchased by a woman in her early 40s on November 14, Frank said. The winning numbers were 23, 36, 12, 31, 13, with a mega number of 10.

After the raffle the woman arrived at the establishment called Arco AM PM, assuring that she was the owner of the ticket and the way in which she had lost it.

Frank said that there is a surveillance video showing the moment when the woman buys the ticket, which is known to the workers of the place.

A media interested in the case looked for officials of the California Lottery in order to corroborate if there was a copy of the video where the woman buys the winning ticket, however, the existence of said video was not confirmed or denied. In addition, the Lottery staff explained that the video did not confirm the winning purchase of the SuperLotto Plus ticket.

Lottery officials detailed that if a person buys a winning ticket, and loses it, they must show substantial evidence that she was in fact the holder of the ticket, such as a photocopy of the front and back of the ticket.

According to a Lottery press release, any unclaimed prizes will be donated to California public education. So the one-time payment of the $ 19.7 million will go to the state’s public schools.

To date, these institutions in California have received $ 1 billion in unclaimed lottery prizes, according to the same statement.

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