Woman who killed an expatriate who raped her from the age of 12 and forced her into prostitution is released in France

Valérie Bacot (center) leaving the Chalon-sur-Saone court this Friday at the outcome of the trial against her for murdering her abusive husband.

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Valérie Bacot was released this Friday after facing trial in France for murdering the man she forcibly married and who forced her into prostitution.

Bacot, 40, was also charged with bury the corpse of the man, who was also his stepfather, in a forest with the help of two of his sons.

During the trial, the woman argued that she committed the crime in self-defense and to protect her children. “Yes, I killed him, but if I hadn’t done it, my children would have done it,” Bacot declared to dramatize the pattern of violence in the city. that lived not only her, but the rest of her family.

He was released because he already served preventive detention

Although Bacot was sentenced yesterday to one year in prison for killing her husband, the verdict allowed him to be released, since the convict had been serving a sentence in preventive detention.

“You will leave this court at liberty,” a Chalon-sur-Saone court judge told Bacot, as her family, seated behind her, cried and applauded.

“I would like to thank the court and all the support I have had from everyone. Now is the time for a new fight for all the other women and all the mistreatment, “the survivor told reporters outside the room, as quoted by the Telemundo network.

Abuser started raping her when she was 12 years old

In 2016, after decades of abuse of all kinds, Bacot fatally shot Daniel Polette, 61, who was her husband at the time.

The man came into Bacot’s life in 1992, when he married her mother. A few months later, when he was 12 years old, he began raping her.

Polette’s sisters reported the abuse to a social worker and the man was arrested in 1995 and convicted of sexual assault. He spent two years in prison. But after getting out of jail, he returned to the home of Bacot’s mother, who accepted him again. From that moment on, the pervert resumed the abuse against the minor.

Victim had four children with the sexual offender

“When he returned, he promised that he would leave me alone. My mother had forgiven him. But he started again. After a rape I got pregnant, ”said Bacot, who was 17 years old. It was at that moment that her mother kicked her out of the house and went to live with Polette, who took the opportunity to impose as much control as possible against the young woman. Because she was not allowed to work or use contraception, they ended up having three more children.

Executioner forced her to prostitute herself

In 2002, when the man retired from his job as a truck driver, he forced the woman to work as a prostitute. Polette was forcing her to have sexual encounters with other men in the back of a Peugeot pickup that she had fitted with a mattress and curtains.

Tired of the abuse, in March 2016, after a violent fight, she shot her executioner. Two of her children helped her bury the body, actions for which she is serving provisional prison. Bacot was arrested in 2017 and jailed.

Subsequently, she was released under judicial supervision in 2018 pending trial.

A psychologist who examined the defendant and testified at trial indicated that the need to protect her children largely motivated Bacot’s attack, as the woman feared that Polette would assault her 14-year-old daughter and force her to prostitute herself as a he did it with her.

The life story of the French woman is recorded in the book that she wrote “Tout Le Monde Savait” (Everyone knew), which has become a “bestseller”.

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