A woman went viral on social networks after burning nearly 10,000 pesos in a microwave

By: Web Writing

A woman in China went viral, after wanting disinfect several bills putting them in the microwave oven, the result? A disaster!

His case was exposed on social networks, so it quickly went viral on the Internet.

According to local media information, the woman wanted disinfect about 3 thousand 15 yuan, approximately 10 thousand pesos, after his concern about the coronavirus (Covid-19).

It is said that the woman resorted to this method after receiving a chain message through an application similar to WhatsApp.

The woman learned the worst way by ignoring fake news by following advice on disinfecting banknotes on social networks, netizens criticize.

According to the events occurred in Jiangsu, China, after the message he read said that the coronavirus could not stand high levels of heat, so he decided to put his bills in the microwave oven to disinfect them. What I did not know is that the bills do not withstand high levels of heat either.

The bills were “scorched”, but the bank was still able to change them.