Woman throws a tantrum because she thinks a dozen donuts had 50 pieces

A woman who went to a donut shop went viral after getting angry at a local employee for giving her 12 donuts instead of 50 after buying a dozen

| 02/20/2021 | ionicons-v5-c19: 27 | S. Rocha |

USA.- A woman went viral in Tik Tok after a video was published in which he is seen throwing a tantrum against the employee of a grocery store donuts for believing that a dozen equals 50 pieces.

The video was recorded on a Dunkin ‘Donuts of USA, by a customer of the store, who managed to capture the woman quite angry at the employee who tried to explain to him that a dozen equals 12 and not 50.

In the video you can hear the woman saying that she needs more donuts.

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« Fifty are a dozen, not twelve, » says the woman who also wore the mask on her chin without protecting her nose and mouth.

The video was recorded on February 18 and quickly went viral, generating various comments among social network users, who, in addition to pointing out that they did not know that a dozen are 12 and not 50, also criticized her for misusing her mask inside the establishment, at risk to employees and other customers.

Among the comments of the users, also stand out those who ask her to take math classes and call her « Karen », who in USA, is equivalent to the Mexican Ladies or Lords.