Woman says she got pregnant by a gust of wind

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Mexico City / 02.20.2021 12:31:40

A case in Indonesia has gone viral as it surprised everyone by how unusual it is. A woman in that country assures that she became pregnant after a gust of wind entered her body, so that immediately her belly bulged and she realized she was pregnant. This fact undoubtedly caused controversy.

Siti Zainah, a 25-year-old woman told local media that she became pregnant after feeling that a gust of wind was “high”, between her legs and entered her body, as a result of this strange event she became pregnant.

Although she got pregnant, this is not the only strange thing since according to the woman, After the wind “entered” his body, he immediately had to go to the hospital since he was at work Of childbirth.

“After performing the evening prayer, I was lying on my stomach and suddenly felt a gust of wind enter my legs. A moment later my stomach swelled, returned to normal and then grew again, « he said.

Behind this, Siti Zainah began to feel severe pain, so she went to the hospital emergency, the woman never imagined that the doctors would inform her that she was in labor.

The woman gave birth to a girl who weighed 2.9 kilograms, local media reported. Both the mother and the baby are in perfect health, stated Eman Sulaeman, director of the community clinic where the girl was born.

Although the case caused controversy, the director of the clinic mentioned The Sun that there is a scientific explanation and that the young woman had a cryptic pregnancy which refers to the mother you do not know you are pregnant until labor.