A woman processed the renewal of her driver’s license over the Internet, but she did not expect that she would arrive with a peculiar error

| 08/12/2020 | ionicons-v5-c20: 38 | Web Writing |

U.S.- A woman named Jade dodd, a resident of the state of Tennessee, was surprised to receive her new license with a grave error.

And it is that the woman announced in social networks that in the photograph that was taken to renew her license his face is not seen, and only an empty chair can be seen.

Due to the health restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, Dodd processed the renewal from his license for drive through Internet, so the last photo of the young woman registered in the system of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) was used in your document.

However, the image corresponds to an empty chair as a result of a error committed by one of the DMV employees during Dodd’s last visit to the department, they said from the Department of Homeland Security state.

According to local media, the woman assured not to feel angry about the incident and assures that they have taken with humor all the jokes that her coworkers and including her boss made her.

For his part, Department of Homeland Security State assured that as soon as they were informed of the situation they provided a new license to Dodd with the correct image.