Leisure is the source of all the evils and stupidities that human beings can commit, and then we have plenty of time to repent. The world is on hiatus and many privileged people have spent a few days taking shelter in their homes to prevent Covid-19 from spreading and infecting more people. Many human beings have died, but while the world is in crisis … the closure has caused the lives of a few people to fall apart completely. Like the unfortunate case of this 22-year-old girl who was so, but so boring, that her skin was ripped apart with a horrible tattoo.

On March 25 on Twitter, the user @jenstu shared her tragic story that went viral. He has more than 71,000 likes and 6,000 retweets. People enjoy the suffering of others. The case is that the young woman reported that after spending a few days in isolation, she was so consumed with boredom that she had the great idea of ​​tattooing Homero Simpson’s face. She is a bad cartoonist.

“I got an absolutely terrifying Homer Simpson tattoo because I was bored and now it’s stuck with me forever, look at his damn state,” he wrote.

Here is his horrible creation:

(Photo: @ jenstu_ / Twitter)

The tattoo of the repentant young woman was called the “Corona Simpson” and even someone intervened with Photoshop, to give it life.

“I decided that this masterpiece needed a color similar to Photoshop,” wrote a Twitter user.

(Photo: @ bodhei / Twitter)

Sure it’s not the first nor It will be the last time that someone surprises us on the Internet in the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. But better read a book.