woman drives for months with corpses of nephews in suitcase

.. An American motorist was arrested with the bodies of her nephew and niece in the trunk of her car, police said on Friday, after the macabre discovery during a control of traffic routine.

Nicole Johnson of Baltimore City on the East Coast faces multiple charges including child abuse resulting in the deaths of the seven-year-old girl and the five-year-old boy.

The 33-year-old woman had put her niece’s body in a suitcase. Also, he put it in the trunk in May of last year. However, he continued to use the car normally, according to The Baltimore Sun newspaper.

Police stopped her for speeding

A year later, the aunt placed the boy’s body next to that of his decomposed sister wrapped in a plastic bagadded.

Police pulled her over for speeding on Wednesday and decided to impound the car when they learned she did not have the correct documents.

According to the newspaper, an officer told Johnson that the vehicle was to be towed and she replied, “It doesn’t matter, I won’t be here for five days.”

“Everyone will see me on the news making my big debut”

And he even added that “everyone will see me on the news making my great debut,” added the newspaper, citing a police report.

The woman added that “everyone will see me on the news making my big debut.”

In 2019 the two children were in Johnson’s care by his sister.

Johnson admitted during questioning that he had hit his niece several times, causing the young woman to hit her head on the ground. However, he did not explain how the boy died, the Baltimore Sun reported.

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